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Posted by on Jul 20, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Hear What Parents are Saying

Hear What Parents are Saying

“East West Music and Dance is an awesome school! I found them via a friend many years back and took ballet with them for 6 years. It was a really fun experience-I learned a lot and really enjoyed the excellent training, enthusiasm and professionalism they have at EWMD. Now I have enrolled my 5 year old daughter there and she takes Tap and Ballet. She is really enjoying it and learning a lot. I would not have chosen any other dance school for her.”

Paula Ross, parent and former student

“I want to especially thank you for all for the incredible dance instruction Talia has had at your studio. She has learned so much, and this year it has really paid off. She had a great time performing as a lead dancer in the Redwood Middle School play (The Wiz) and now is thrilled to be on the Song Team at Saratoga High. These are fantastic opportunities she would not have had without the kind of training she has received from you and your dedicated instructors. It is not only the excellent instruction, but the genuine caring interest you all take towards each other and every one of your students that makes the dance experience at your studio so wonderful. Through their interaction with you and your staff, the girls gain not only technical skill, but the self-assurance, grace and confidence to grow into lovely young women. Thank you being such wonderful mentors in both dance and life!”

Denise Balma, parent

“East West Music and Dance has been a wonderful experience. It has been a studio that puts the students best interest first… I believe this studio has allowed me first, as a Tiny Tot, to develop a love of dance through creativity and imagination. Later, as I was older, I learned the discipline required for dance.”

Deborah Black, student



“I have been dancing with East West Music and Dance, the Pam East Dance, since I was four years old. Over the years I have been taught by almost every teacher at the studio at one time or another. EWM&D is my home away from home and those teachers are my second family. Many of my greatest moments and fondest memories occurred with these people in that studio.”

Zoe Ward, student

“No Studio has encouraged my love of dance more than the wonderful teachers at EWM&D….The teachers are nice people, making dancing in their classes a very pleasant experience. The passion I have for dance was mainly created by these teachers, who have guided me with lots of care and devotion.”

Daisy Mohrman, student



“EWM&D gives everyone, whether they are tall, short, fat or thin an unbiased opportunity to succeed, which is one of the most important qualities I like about this studio….this studio brings out the fun and excitement in dance. I love dancing because it gives a chance for me to express myself in ways other than words.” Mercedeh Sabeti, student

“I feel privileged and honored to be attending this dance studio and I think that everyone else here will say the same. I feel more welcome, appreciated, and loved there then I could begin to explain.” Sarah Wells, student


“A large reason we came (to Pam East Dance) and stayed was my desire to find a place which demonstrated an understanding of children and the individual skills and developmental levels found within the same age range. The next very important reason to stay was to have my children be around instructor’s who’s love of dance & respect for children was apparent in how they addressed and treated children. I have been very impressed with the kindness and respect my children have been shown by Mrs. Pam and her staff. I am very pleased my children have been listened to and treated respectfully, as individuals in their own right. … So far, I have found a gold mine of kindness, respect, knowledge and enthusiasm at Pam East Dance and for this I am so grateful! This year when I asked my girls what extra curricular activities they would like to participate in they both listed as many dance classes as we could afford…lucky you…lucky me…lucky girls!”

Julia Soldan, parent


There are a variety of dance classes one can choose from. There are tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop classes. Even the little kids aren’t left out. EWM&D have Tiny Tot classes for them…All of the teachers are kind, talented, encouraging and dedicated, as well as inspiring.”
Jessica Koe, student


“I am taking guitar lessons at the EWM&D Studio. …the teachers are interactive learning the music with good teachers is part of how beautiful music is created.”

Iris To, music student

“Voice lessons help me outside of the music world, too. I’m braver and more outgoing which allows me to introduce myself to new people and makes me more confident in myself. I have also learned more about myself. I believe in my talent and that has helped me build my self esteem.”

Sarah Baxtor, Music Student


“When I come to East West Music & Dance, I am always excited because the teachers support me, make me feel good, give me confidence and every student is treated equally and is being respected. I feel really special at East West Music & Dance.”

Maryam Sabeti. Student



“Dancing makes me happy….I’m not just a 6 year old when I dance. When I’m dancing at East West Music and Dance,
I get to be someone or something else. It’s like magic.” Madeline Miller, student



(excerpts from a note after a performance)
“…I chose your studio because I sensed the self-respect you fostered in your students. This was certainly evident in last weekends’ performances. It was so refreshing to see children enjoying the art of dance: the beauty, precision and discipline. The choreography was moving, expressive, colorful and modest. I want to thank you for protecting our children and giving them the opportunity to beautifully and appropriately express themselves through the delightful art of dance. Please pass my appreciation along to your excellent staff.”

Jeanette Yama, parent

“As Shinu leaves for college, it will be her last class you and your studio/ I just wanted to say “thanks” for all the wonderful dancing you’ve taught her. She will carry the grace with her through out her lefe. She thoroughly enjoyed her classes and we thoroughly enjoyed the performances of all our children over the years.”

Singh Family