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Why take private lessons when learning a specific instrument?
Group lessons work well for preschool music programs and theory lessons. However, when learning how to play and instrument, private lessons are far superior since in a private lesson it is hard to miss anything, and each student can learn at their own pace. This means the teacher does not have to teach a class at an average level, but has the time to work on the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. For that lesson period, the student is the primary focus of the teacher. The teachers also enjoy this as they do not have to divide their attention between several students at a time. They can help the student be the best they can be.

Why should a student take a lesson at a studio?
Learning music is not just a matter of having a qualified teacher, but also having an environment that is focused on music education. In a professional school environment a student cannot be distracted by TV, pets, ringing phones siblings or anything else. With only 30 to 60 minutes of lesson time per week, a professional school environment can produce better results since the only focus at that time is learning music. In a music school, the lessons are not just a hobby or side-line for the teacher, but it is a responsibility that is taken very seriously.

How can one make practicing easier?
Guitar HeidiAs with anything, improving in music takes practice. One of the main problems with music lessons is the drudgery of practicing and the fight between parents and students to practice every day. Here are some ways to make practicing easier:

Time – set the same time everyday to practice so it becomes part of a routine or habit. This works particularly well for children. Generally the earlier in the day the practicing can occur, the less reminding is required by parents.

Repetition – Instead of setting a time frame, use the method of repetition. For example, practice this piece 4 times every day, and the scales 5 times a day.

Rewards – This works well for both children and adults. Parents can grant occasional awards for successful practicing. Stars or stickers or praise for a job well done.

Have Fun!
Music should be something you enjoy for a lifetime. It is important not to put unrealistic expectations on yourself or your children to learn too quickly. Everyone learns at a different pace and the key is to be able to enjoy the journey!