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Tuition & Policies

Tuition for Dance – 2022 -2023

Annual Registration Fee (Music &/or Dance) = $50.00 per family

Month based on a 4 week period

Monthly Amount Hours per week
 $ 88.00 45 minutes
 $ 96.00 50 minutes to 1 hour
 $141.00 1.5
 $188.00 2
 $230.00 2.5
 $276.00 3
 $308.00 3.5
 $352.00 4
 $378.00 4.5
 $420.00 5
 $451.00 5.5
 $480.00 6
 $507.00 6.5
 $532.00 7
$540.00 7.5
$560.00 8
$578.00 8.5
$594.00 9
$608.00 9.5
$640.00 Unlimited
 Single class (1 hour)  $32.00(must be approved by office staff)
 Single class (1½ hour)  $38.00
 Private Lesson (30 min)  $48.00
 Private Lesson (45min)  $72.00
 Return check or CC Decline  $20.00


A non-refundable fee of $50.00 per family is required.

Payment of Monthly Tuition:
Tuition is paid monthly in one of three ways:
1) Credit Card (Visa/MC): Payments will be automatically charged to your account on the first of each month
2) automatic debit from checking account.

1st month and June (last month) are due at registration. The dance calendar is organized to include 40 weeks of instruction over a 10 month period. Your tuition rate will divided into 10 equal monthly payments regardless of how many weeks in each month. It will average out over the span of the dance year. This calendar takes into account Thanksgiving, Christmas and Memorial Day Holidays when we are closed.

All returned checks/debits and/or declined credit cards are charged a $20.00 NSF fee.

Withdrawal and Refunds:
There is a two-month minimum for all lessons. A one-month notice (30 days) is required to discontinue any classes. No withdrawal notices will be accepted after May 10th. There are NO refunds given once a student has registered. We have allotted a space for you in class. Withdrawal must be done in person and will not be accepted over the phone or email. Withdrawal must be done at the office or with director and NOT with the teacher. To withdraw from a class a parent or adult student must:
1. Inform studio office staff or director in person and
2. Complete and sign a withdrawal form provided by the front office.

Dress Code:
Required dancewear and dance shoes must be worn during all classes. Hair is to be up and tightly secured off the neck. NO jewelry is permitted in class. Failure to wear required dancewear in class could result in students being asked to sit out the class. Student must wear an appropriate cover up to and from class. Please do not wear street shoes on the dance floor. Label all dance shoes in case you leave them at the studio by accident. Please do NOT wear dance shoes outside (i.e. to and from the car)

We invite parents to enter studio to observe classes 4 times per regular year. These dates are listed on our 40 week calendar. We ask that you remove shoes before entering the studio and please do not talk during the class. It is also important that you do not distract your child. They need to pay attention to the teacher. If you have a baby or toddler that cannot sit still, we will open the blinds so you may observe from the lobby area.

During the summer session, parents may observe the last day of the summer session.

Food and Gum Chewing:
No food or drinks (water is OK) are to be brought into the lobby or studios. We do permit our teachers to occasionally have a snack between classes to maintain their energy level. Gum is NOT permitted in the studio or during class.

Attendance and Lateness:
Attendance is very important for progression in the study of dance. If a student is repeatedly absent or late we reserve the right to terminate lessons. If a student is late, it is very disruptive to other students. We may ask a late arriving student to sit out if they have missed too much of the class warm up.

We do NOT give make-up lessons because it creates a very disruptive situation for classes.

Parent’s Responsibility to be Aware of Dates and Events:
It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of all studio activities, such as observation days, extra classes, holidays, rehearsals and productions. The studio will post these notices on the bulletin board, send emails and and will send Email Newsletters periodically.

Emergency Contact and Release Form:
Parent, legal guardian of minor students or adult student is required to complete the emergency-release form before a student may participate in class.

Studio Rules:
1. No street shoes on dance floor.
2. No food, drink or gum in the lobby or studio.
3. Students must wear warm up clothes over their dance wear and street shoes when entering and exiting the studio building.
4. Students must be picked up on time after class.
5. It is important that students arrive on time to class as warm-ups are the first part of class. They are necessary to prevent injury.
6. Please do not use cell phone in the lobby. Take any conversations outside.
7. Please notify the front desk if your child will be absent.

Note: All fees must be paid by pre-authorized debit or pre-authorized credit cards at time of registration.

Auto-debit from bank account and credit card payments are only available for regular auto-charge recurring monthly fees. Credit cards are not accepted for individual in-person payments for lessons each month.