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MINI BALLERINA (ages 3 – 4)
angela ballerinaThis is a fun filled introduction to ballet for the Tiny dancer. Creative activities and imaginary activities will inspire young dancers to move while learning important moor skills. This class is a 45 minute class offered in the morning and afternoon time slots.

TINY TOTS (ages 4 – 6)
TinyTotBalThis is an introductory class which incorporates tap, ballet and creative movement. Our primary goal is to instill the love of movement and expression of creative energy using music and imagery. Students will learn fundamental tap and locomotor skills as well as participating in creative dances using props and music narratives. The class is one hour long and meets one time per week. Classes are divided into Levels depending on how many years a student is enrolled. Typically we offer Levels I, II & III.

BALLET (ages 7- adult)
photoClassical ballet is the foundation for all dance forms (the ABC’s so to speak). Our classes are based on the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) program. The RAD is a world-wide organization based in London, England. It is the largest examining and teacher education organization for ballet in the world and is offered in over 84 countries. Emphasis is placed on strength, flexibility and proper alignment. Classes are divided according to a set curriculum by skill and age level. Students advance as they master each level. A student does not necessarily advance to a new level each year. Sometimes it can take two or even three years to advance to the next level.

POINTE – (based on technique level not age)
Pointe classes are available to the advanced ballet dancer. Pre-Pointe is offered by invitation as an introductory class which will prepare the dancer for Pointe. These classes are only for the advanced dancer that has the technical training and strength necessary to handle the class.

INTRO to JAZZ/ HIP HOP/TAP (ages 7 – 10)
JazzHipHop1This class is a great introduction to dance basics. Students will learn fundamentals of ballet (the foundation of all dance), basic jazz techniques and the latest hip-hop moves. This is a fun, high energy class! Students will learn the differences between these three important dance forms and be able to continue to more advanced levels. This is a two year program. After completing two years students will be placed in Jazz II and /or Hip Hop II and/or Tap II for ages 10 and up.

JAZZ (ages 10 – adult)
jazz_1Jazz is an exciting, fun style of dance which incorporates a basic ballet foundation in order to develop strength and agility. Students will learn a variety of Jazz styles from a classic style to contemporary. Music ranges from Broadway, upbeat to melodic and lyrical. The purpose is to develop a strong foundation which allows a student to become proficient in many jazz styles. Levels are divided by proficiency as well as age levels.

TAP (ages 10 – adult)
Tap2Tap classes stress rhythm, sounds and style. Intricate patterns and rhythms will be incorporated as the dancer progresses. Many styles are taught from Broadway to rhythm tap. Classes are divided according to age and skill level. Tap is very helpful in developing a student’s fine motor coordination and the ability to listen and repeat accurate rhythms. It is strongly recommended to take jazz in conjunction with tap.

HIP HOP (ages 10 – adult)
hiphop_2Hip Hop classes incorporate the latest trends in hip hop and break dancing. This is a high energy, upbeat style of dance as seen in many music videos. It is highly recommend that the Hip Hop dancer also take either a jazz or ballet class in order to develop their overall dance technique. The steps taught in Hip Hop do require a strong dance foundation in order to advance properly. Age appropriate movement and music are always utilized in class.

LYRICAL (ages 11 – adult)
ModernTnAdLyrical is a stylized form of Jazz dance which is fluid and balletic. This style will incorporate a sense of emotion through movement. This class is only recommended for dancers that have a strong foundation in Ballet and Jazz with a minimum of two years prior training. Ballet and/or Jazz classes must be taken simultaneously to keep the student’s foundation strong.

CONTEMPORARY: (ages 11 – adult)
Contemporary dance is one of the newer styles of dance which is a fusion of Jazz, Ballet and Modern. It incorporates the use of energy-breath and time-space. Dancers will explore unique choreography which will be both challenging and creative. This class is only recommended for dancers that have a strong foundation in Ballet and Jazz with a minimum of two years prior training. Ballet and/or Jazz classes must be taken simultaneously to keep the student’s foundation strong.

ACROBATICS (ages 7 – young adult)

Acrobatics is a form of movement which requires strength and flexibility. Acrobatic dancers will learn many similar skills that are taught in gymnastics along with dance movements.  Students will use mats during class while learning basic skills.  Eventually these skills transfer to the floor. Acrobatic technique will increase flexibility, strength, balance, limberness, and tumbling skills.  We recommend that students take other dance classes to support their Acrobatics class.