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Posted on Dec 7, 2021

3 Amazing Benefits Of Guitar Lessons

At East West Music and Dance, we love a good guitar solo and if you have a child or teenager that longs to strum their favorite songs, our guitar lessons can be a great option. Our lessons will provide you with the knowledge you need to simply enjoy guitar as a hobby or to make a career out of music if you wish. Aside from the fun factor, there are many benefits from taking guitar lessons, including:

1. Guitar Lessons Improve Fine Motor Skills

Developing fine motor skills can be challenging, and if you have a child that struggles a bit in this area, learning guitar or ukulele can help. At East West Music and Dance, we offer both ukulele and guitar lessons in San Jose. For younger children, ages 5 to 7, we recommend that you start out with ukulele lessons as this is easier for smaller hands to navigate yet it still helps develop those fine motor skills.

Once your child is 8 or older, they are at a suitable age to start working with electric guitar or acoustic guitar. Both options can help improve fine motor skills, but electric guitar typically is a bit easier to learn and gentler on the fingers. Of course, students of all ages can consider getting started with ukulele lessons if they prefer. It is a bit easier to learn and the skills transfer to guitar, so this can be a good option for beginners, but we are happy to start with guitar, as well.

2. Playing Guitar Can Improve Your Mood

We all know that exercise (such as our amazing dance classes!) and listening to music both have been shown to improve mood and help alleviate depression but learning how to play an instrument also can help soothe an anxious or depressed child or teen.

Guitar lessons provide you with an engaging creative outlet and many guitarists say that playing the guitar is almost like a type of meditation. Learning an instrument also boosts your confidence, which can improve your life in general. If you are looking for a source of joy (and one that you can enjoy for a lifetime), guitar lessons can be a great option.

3. Guitar Lessons Exercise The Brain

Music lessons of any kind can improve your ability to focus and concentrate. Additionally, it can help improve your memory. Many studies show that students taking music lessons earn higher grades and often do better on standardized tests than before they began music instruction. One study from the University of Toronto suggests that children’s IQs actually increase from taking music lessons.

Of course, in addition to these three benefits, practicing also teaches discipline, which is something everyone needs to learn. If a student practices, they are certain to progress, and while that means they will gain greater enjoyment from guitar lessons, you may find that this new disciplined work ethic translates to other areas of life, such as homework or chores.

Our Guitar Lessons & Music Lessons

At East West Music and Dance, we focus on providing fun, family-friendly music lessons. Our instructors are professional, university-trained musicians that strive to tailor their teaching to fit each student’s individual learning style. In addition to guitar lessons and ukulele lessons, we also teach private piano lessons, violin classes and provide vocal instruction.

As stated before, we offer ukulele lessons for students ages 5 and older, and electric and acoustic guitar lessons for students 8 and up. Piano and violin lessons can begin as early as age 5, as well.

With voice lessons, we recommend that students begin around age 10. Typically, we find that children younger than 10 are not yet ready for the rigors of vocal technique and their vocal cords and lung capacity have not yet developed sufficiently to handle vocal lessons. Instead, we often encourage these students to consider taking piano lessons as this teaches them to read music and to start learning pitch and rhythm concepts.

We Teach Adults!

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn guitar but never found the time or you want to brush up on those guitar skills, our instructors can help. We have many “grown-up” students in their 50s and 60s, and we teach all ages and all levels. In many cases, our adult students progress very quickly, because they are often more motivated to practice. Whether you are 5 or 75, don’t give up on your dream of learning to play guitar!

Customize Your Lessons

At East West Music and Dance, we offer three lesson options. You can select one 30-minute guitar lesson per week or opt for either a 45-minute lesson or a 60-minute lesson. We often recommend the 30-minute lessons for younger students and beginning students and encourage them to move up to longer lessons as they progress. Of course, providing several lesson-length options also helps accommodate those with busy schedules that might not be able to fit in a 60-minute lesson.

All of our guitar lessons are private lessons and we do not provide group music lessons. We believe private music lessons offer students the greatest chance of success. With a group approach, we cannot really tailor lessons to meet individual needs and tastes. With private lessons, we can focus on each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and this also allows students to progress at their own pace.

Currently, all of our music lessons, including guitar lessons are virtual to ensure Covid safety. While we hope to have everyone back in the music school as soon as possible, we have found these virtual music lessons to be quite successful and very convenient for our families. We also typically hold an optional annual recital in the spring, which provides students with some performance experience and helps build confidence. If you are looking for guitar lessons in San Jose or anywhere in our immediate area, such as Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos and beyond, give us a call at any time. We’ve been providing quality music and dance lessons for more than 40 years for students of all ages.